Should I mention my dog in my Will?

Reading in a popular paper recently, it explained a sad situation, where an old person had died, with no close family, but a dog 유튜브 동영상 구간 다운로드.

Sadly, the police had entered the house, presumably on advice of the neighbours, and found the occupant dead, with the dog at their side 레전드 다운로드. They dealt with the body, and took the dog to an animal home, who then re-homed the animal.

Later, a good friend heard the sad news. They claimed that the dog had always been promised to them, in event of the death of the owner download the c# sftp file. The animal home advised they could do nothing further, in this situation, without a Will stating that the dog was clearly left to the friend. In this case no such Will existed Download The Bride of the Outer Country.

In conclusion, this shows the importance of considering animals in your Will.

What to do next?

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