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Previous Editions

Autumn/Winter 2018 edition of our newsletter Wills Today”




Our Spring/Summer 2018 edition of our newsletter “Wills Today” contains details of problems with joint attorneys in a lasting power of attorney




Our Winter/Spring 2018 edition of our newsletter “Wills Today” contains details of wills for older couples setting up home..Registering an enduring Power of Attorney and amending a will after the death… kite.




Autumn Newsletter


Our  Autumn 2017 edition of our newsletter “Wills Today” contains details of pension options when you retire..How to choose your Executors nwc 2.5? Why should young couples make a Will? Why is the signing and witnessing of a Will important?…




 Spring Summer 2017 newsletter

Read the Summer 2017 edition of our newsletter “Wills Today” which contains details about Step children, Probate fees, Pet insurance, and “know the jargon”…




 Spring Summer 2017 newsletter

Read the new Spring/Summer 2017 edition of our newsletter “Wills Today” which contains details if you can prove you own your house, what can go wrong with a simple will, if you have an adult child on benefits, Inheritance Tax, changing Powers of Attorney…




Read the Autumn/Winter 2016 edition of our newsletter “Wills Today” which contains details about what happens if you don’t have a Will, storage of your Will, Attorneys, obtaining Probate after a death and “What is a Silver Divorce?”



Read the Spring 2016 edition which gives advice about Mental capacity when writing a Will, the importance of signing and witnessing of the Will, and the terminology used 한컴타자연습 2007 다운로드. Also second properties and potential problems.



Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Looks at funeral costs, pets and who will take care of them 스웨이 다운로드? What can go wrong when writing a Will!



Summer 2015 looks at what happens if you die without a Will Download the Cool School video. How to find out what is in a Will after a death? How property can be owned. Gifts and Lasting Powers of Attorneys. The Inheritance tax allowance if you are married more than once Goodluck 2019 download?



Winter 2014/15 Looks at the Intestacy rules, choosing executors, Mirror Wills, gifts to children, and what happens if they die before the donor 타자스쿨 다운로드?



ArticleEdition of Wills Today the article appeared in
Did you know you can change a Will after someone has died?Summer 2014
Why set up a Lasting Power of Attorney? Summer 2014
Can you leave people out of your Will?Summer 2014
Why does Probate take so long to obtain?Summer 2014
Are you likely to be run over by a bus?Summer 2014
Are you in a second marriage or relationship and have children from a previous partner?Summer 2014
New Intestacy Rules from 1st October 2014Winter 2014/15
What are “Mirror Wills” ?Winter 2014/15
Who should I have as my executors?Winter 2014/15
When passing our assets to our children, have we considered the situation if they die first?Winter 2014/15
What happens if a couple are not married and one of them dies without a Will?Winter 2014/15
What is a deputy?Winter 2014/15
Have you had secretive family members who have died having made a Will but you have never found what was in it?Summer 2015
Did you know there are different types of jointly owned property?Summer 2015
Can a parent still make gifts to their children if the children are acting as an Attorney?Summer 2015
Do couples living together have the same rights as married couples?Summer 2015
How many people die in the UK each day?Summer 2015
What happens to your allowances for Inheritance Tax if you are married more than once?Summer 2015
What have the following people got in common? Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Steig Larsson, Michael JacksonSummer 2015
What happens to a pet when someone dies?Autumn/winter 2015/16
Can you still make a Will and be sure your wishes will be carried out?Autumn/winter 2015/16
If a couple sign each other’s Will should they still be Legal?Autumn/winter 2015/16
Funeral Costs-should you start saving?Autumn/winter 2015/16
Why it is important that a Will is signed and witnessed correctlySpring 2016
Terminology of WillsSpring 2016
Do you want to choose who makes decisions about your health care?Spring 2016
Mental capacity when writing a Will is not newSpring 2016
Do you own a share in a second property?Spring 2016
When should you set up Lasting Powers of AttorneysSpring 2016
What’s happening with Inheritance taxSummer 2016
How do you value jewellery for probate purposes?Summer 2016
Why is the Banks v Goodfellow case important?Summer 2016
Property Trusts-Do you want to leave a dispute?Summer 2016
Have you been affected by Brexit Autumn Winter 2016
Are you an Attorney for a friend or family member? Autumn Winter 2016
What happens if you don’t make a Will ? Autumn Winter 2016
What is Probate? Autumn Winter 2016
Why is storage of your Will important?Autumn Winter 2016
What is a “Silver Divorce” ? Autumn Winter 2016
Can I prove I own my house?Spring Summer 2017
What can go wrong with a simple Will?Spring Summer 2017
Do you have an adult child on benefits?Spring Summer 2017
Inheritance Tax- Why would you act if you are unaware of a problemSpring Summer 2017
Can you change a Lasting Power of Attorney?Spring Summer 2017
How many people have made a WillSummer 2017
Don't forget your step children!Summer 2017
Pet Insurance?Summer 2017
Probate FeesSummer 2017
Know the JargonSummer 2017
What should you do if you suspect an Attorney of abusing their position?Summer 2017
Pension options when you retire? Autumn/Winter 2017
Brucie’s millions! Autumn/Winter 2017
How to choose your Executors? Autumn/Winter 2017
Why should young couples make a Will? Autumn/Winter 2017Autumn/Winter 2017
Why is the signing and witnessing of a Will important? Autumn/Winter 2017
Is there such a thing as a joint Will?Winter/Spring 2018
Registering an Enduring Power of Attorney?Winter/Spring 2018
Are you over 90?Winter/Spring 2018
Rules for older couples setting up homeWinter/Spring 2018
Amending the Will after a deathWinter/Spring 2018
Problems with Joint Attorneys in a Lasting Power of attorney Spring/Summer 2018
Residents Nil Rate Band-Have you read the small print Spring/Summer 2018
Ken Dodd has the last laugh! Spring/Summer 2018
How to avoid the costs of Probate on the first death Spring/Summer 2018
1837 Wills Act section 33 a trap for the unwary! Spring/Summer 2018
Finding the right attorney to assist you with your affairs Autumn/Winter 2018
Don’t leave it too late to write a Will and Lasting Power of Attorneys Autumn/Winter 2018
Are the current inheritance tax rules too complicated? Autumn/Winter 2018
Do you have a Will from a high street bank? Autumn/Winter 2018

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