I recently saw a letter to a newspaper from a widowed gentleman with three adult daughters. He asked whether he needed to do a will, as he wanted all of his property to be divided simply equally between his daughters when he died cs6 시험판 다운로드. If he died without a will, his daughters would likely inherit his estate, but there was a little more to this case than first appeared.

The gentleman explained that he did not get on with one of his daughters, but still wanted her to receive a third of his property when he died Remarried Empress. It would be sensible for him to write a will as it would set out his wishes clearly, rather than there being any uncertainty over whether his estranged daughter should receive anything, and the courts having to decide Download Akasha.

Although a person has the absolute right to keep the contents of their will private, this gentleman may also wish to tell the two daughters he does get on with, what he wants to do, so again there is less uncertainty after his death over whether their sister should receive anything.

Writing a will would also allow this gentleman to appoint executors of his will, perhaps the two daughters he is in contact with, or a trusted friend, and thus avoiding any legal dispute over who has the right to administer his estate.

As family disputes are sadly not as unusual as many might expect, at Kendal Wills we are always pleased to discuss a client’s circumstances and help them find the best way to handle difficult situations in their will.

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