Brian writes. “Sadly, my partner of 30 years has recently died. We owned our bungalow tenants in common as we both put money in for the deposit when we bought it Download Acrobat Pro. Unknown to me, my partner had made a Will, leaving everything to her only daughter. Her daughter has now approached me for her half share of the value of the bungalow Pokémon Black Hangul Edition. Do I have to sell it and give her the money?”

This is a complicated situation. It seems rather odd you were not aware of this Will.

It would be helpful if you could get a copy of the Will firstly naver tv cast 다운로드. Some Wills contain “Right to Occupy” clauses that allow a partner to live in the house for their lifetime. On your death, the house would then be sold Integrated Messenger from Gyeonggi Province School District. You may prefer to request a copy of the Will via a solicitor. Assuming it doesn’t have such clauses, you would want to be sure of the validity of the Will windows 7 movie maker 다운로드. Was it signed and witnessed correctly? Did your partner make the Will of her own free will? If the Will is completely legal, you may need to agree what should happen with your partner’s daughter Living History.

It can sometimes be said, your partner should have made better provision for you, as a long term partner and a court could ask if you were dependent on her Steam game download? In conclusion, it might be best to try and avoid expensive legal battles.

What to do next ?

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